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Elsir Vale is one of many lush canyons and valleys on western edge of the great unknown desert, in the shadow of the Cloud Top Mountain Ridge. This land used to be part of a great Kingdom called Rhest The kingdom spread throughout much of the canyons, valleys, and mountain highlands. It was a kingdom of great wealth. Great mines were dug in the base of the Cloud Top Mountains, and the kingdom got rich as it sold the large amounts of Iron, Silver, Gold, and Mythril that it mined. It had vast trade routes that stretched all the way to the Uncharted Seas of the east, the Frozen Wasteland of the north, and even to the Tangled Jungles of the south. However, the kingdom of Rhest fell when a great horde of monsters swept in from the mountains and sacked the capital of Rhestillor. Now it is 200 years later. The people of the vale has survived, even thrived. However, they live within the shadow of the lost great splendor of the old kingdom, from the sunken ruins of the city of Rhestillor; to ruined manors and castles spread throughout the vale.

Now, the people of the vale face a new threat. A storm brews over the vale, and the people have a look of doom in their eyes. Rumors spread of the terrible creatures that exist of the vale’s outskirts, and there is constant fear of what is to come.

Welcome to Elsir Vale, the land in the center of The Lost Kingdom of Rhest

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